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compound. danielle lee has the latest from washington. >> reporter: skt hillary clinton took the hot seat in what will likely be her final appearance before congress as america's top diplomat. the senate foreign affairs committee is examining the state department's response to the september 11th terrorist attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi, libya. four americans died. an independent review found inadequate security and leadership left the compound vulnerable. >> i'm wondering what needs to make that never happen again. >> reporter: clinton blames lack of funding for the inadequacy. >> nobody wants to sit where i am, and you know, have to think now about what could have, would have, should have happened in order to avoid this. >> reporter: republicans insist that she testify in person about whether the administration misled the public. when ambassador susan rice blamed the attack on protests over a controversial video.
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>> with all due respect, the fact is we had four dead americans. was it because of a protest or guys out for a walk one night who decided to go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again. >> to say that it's because an investigation was going on? the american people deserve to know answers, and they certainly don't deserve false answers. >> we have a disagreement about what did happen and when it happened. >> reporter: clinton described the situation as complicated and said some questions about the attack still remain unanswered. tomorrow senate john kerry faces a hearing on his nomination to replace secretary of state hillary clinton. he chairs the senate foreign relations committee but did not participate today. in washington, i'm danielle lee, nbc news. also on capitol hill, a developing story happening within just the last hour. the house of representatives voting yes on a proposal to delay a potential u.s. debt
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crisis for at least three months borrowing enough money through may 18th. once it's approved by the senate, which will likely happen very soon, it will allow the government to borrow enough cash to meet three months' worth of debt obligations. the proposal also includes a measure that would withhold pay for house or senate members if they fail to pass a budget plan. the senate has not passed a budget since 2008. critics say the proposal is just meant to pressure the senate and only delays a potential debt disaster. we're following a developing story out of san francisco where the bomb squad has been called to an area not too far from at&t park. police say a military ordnance of some kind was found at a construction site near third street. this is a live look from our nbc chopper overhead there checking out the scene. all this happening right across from mccovey cove. you can see traffic snarled up, being rerouted around that area.
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as of right now, this is still an active situation. we will, of course, keep you posted on this one and let you know what prompted the bomb squad to be called there once we know. >> it took hours of cursing, screaming and debate, but this morning oakland has finally made a decision on a very controversial proposal to reduce violent crime. it is now poised to hire one of the best known policing experts in america, bill bratton. nbc bay area's christie smith spoke with them this morning. she joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. the message coming out of the oakland police department this morning is that oakland has only one police chief, howard jordan, that bill bratton will offer advice on how to reduce crime here. doesn't have to be what worked in new york or l.a., but boy, there is a lot of doubt. the 2:00 a.m. vote brought a mix of relief and anger. the city council approved a
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contract hiring high profile police chief bill bratton to help oakland get a handle on violent crime, but opponents say his aggressive style just won't work here. >> i think that the zero tolerance also has this really destabilizing effect on communities. it relies a lot on kind of massive police sweeps and high numbers of arrests. >> reporter: some worry that bratton will use tactics like stop and frisk that may lead to racial profiling. >> racial profiling is illegal. it's not tolerated by the oakland police department. it's contrary to our policies. >> reporter: oakland has seen a 23% spike in violent crime recently. the police department is down to just 316 officers. families and churches were represented, too, supporting bratton. >> when you can't walk down the street and be safe, when you can't go to school and you can't because it's just a war zone that's going on. >> reporter: bratton is expected to review police policy, meet
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with officers and the community and give oakland its own game plan. >> and the information that he gains from talking with the police department, the community and the city to make recommendations that are specific to oakland, not necessarily those things that have worked in new york or los angeles, but things that are specific to oakland that will help us reduce crime as well as enhance our relationship with the community. >> reporter: now, bill bratton will get started a lot sooner than many people thought. he actually gets started in mid-february. live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. in san jose this afternoon city leaders taking up an unusual gun control measure. the rules and open government committee meeting to discuss a proposal involving the storage of assault weapons. a proposal that was written by a city resident. if approved any city resident who owns an assault weapon would be required to store it at the city's police department.
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mayor chuck reed who chairs that committee has previously said he believes gun control laws should be handled at the state and federal level. we have new details in a home invasion and robbery in san jose's almaden valley. police say an elderly couple was threatened by two or three men armed with knives. the suspects tied up the couple, ransacked their home, then drove off in their cars. the couple was not injured. the suspects are still at large. police are trying to figure out if the home invasion is linked to a carjacking that happened four hours earlier in that same area. meantime, police have scheduled a public safety meeting for almaden residents. that meeting will take place this sunday, january 27th. it starts at 4:00 at amato's pizza on meridian avenue. berkeley based annie's says it's recalling boxes of its home grown pizzas. the pizza may have fragments of
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metal in it caused by a faulty screen at a third party flour meal. the affected pizzas have best bay date from january 9, 2013. it is merely precautionary. the company also says there have been no reported illnesses or injuries but it is switching suppliers regardless. she called it changing the forecast, meteorologist christina loren. >> always on the money. >> i would have had to be like this if i had come up here now. we are getting the showers only over certain parts of the bay area. i'll show you the radar in just a moment. this is not one of those parts for the time being, san francisco. mostly cloudy, soupy out there, not a great day for outdoor activities. the showers are just beginning to roll in on shore and they're developing quite a bit. over the last 15 minutes showers from san rafael to san francisco. not all of san francisco getting
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wet but some areas with light precipitation. you can see ran raphael getting moderate shower activity. same for richmond tall way through berkeley. nice and dry here in san jose. and we will be between 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. let you know where it's slated to hit. and we have another one on its heels. >> always looking out for us. thank you, check back in a minute. >> coming up, a high class wine heist at a south bay restaurant. we'll uncork the very curious details just ahead in a live report. you might need a couple of glasses of that wine to do this. the painful way some die-hard 49er fans are showing that ultimate teen spirit. america's most valuable company in focus this morning. a preview of apple earnings coming up.
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new at 11:00, u.s. border officials make a record breaking discovery at the border in arizona. federal authorities say they
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found more than 14,000 pounds of marijuana inside a commercial truck as it crossed the noticingal es border on january 15th. they inspected the truck and found the drugs hidden in boxes disguised to look like appliances or electronics. officials say it is the largest marijuana seizure made at arizona's border with mexico. the pot has an estimated street value of 7 to $12 million. back here in the bay area an upscale south bay restaurant ransacked by thieves looking for extremely high priced bottles of wine. we're live outside the plumed horse in saratoga where the details about one very expensive break-in. arturo, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. i spoke to the santa clara county sheriff's department this morning and they still are not detailing exactly what was taken in this burglary. they would only say that the restaurant owner is checking his wine inventory and talking to
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his vendors about what deliveries have been made. let's show you some of the pictures from the restaurant's website and facebook page. the plumed horse, which is a michelin starred restaurant has an extensive and expensive wine cellar. the burglary took place between sunday and monday morning. it was monday morning that the staff called police to report a broken window and several missing bottles of wine worth thousands of dollars. we spoke to people in saratoga village this morning, they say while it is rare, there is crime in the area. >> people come, taking money, broken the door, taking the bottles of wine. >> reporter: so to you it ap not surprising that this happened down the street at a very expensive restaurant? >> no. >> the plumed horse brings a lot of nice customers, and i would imagine that -- and they have a fabulous wine cellar. so you never know who is in and
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out, but it is a rarity in the village. >> reporter: here are just a few of the itemies the plumed horse offers on its wine list. the bottles of sparkling wine can cost thousands each all the way up to a bottle of cristal millennium champagne. according to employees neither management for ownership will comment on the burglary while the investigation is still takes place. live in saratoga village, i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay news. new at 11:00, students among the 40 finalists for the intel science talent search. those are paulomi bhattacharya. saha in, a avasduvan and jack takahashi, kevin chen. they were narrowed down from 300
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semifinalists. they'll show off their work. the top prize $100,000 from the intel foundation. good luck to all of them. just a matter of hours apple will show analysts some reports on how their business has been. >> there's concern that america's most valuable company has started to run out of steam. believe it or not, here is scott mcgrew. >> good morning. the concern this morning really is over apple's growth. how much longer can apple continue its rocket-like growth? in fact, is that growth already fading? apple will reveal its financial numbers after the closing bell this afternoon, as it's legally required to do as a publicly traded company. now, we won't get specifics, how many ipads have been sold, for instance, but we should get a pretty good idea of how things are going. apple led the way with next generation smartphones. but sales figures say it's fallen behind samsung.
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possibly even lg worldwide. meanwhile, a federal judge says apple's ceo tim cook will have to testify about allegations apple entered a secret agreement with other tech companies not to steal each other's employees some years ago. this morning the former head of palm told reuterses that then-apple ceo steve jobs actually threatened to hit palm with expensive patent suits if it kept hiring apple executives. it's easy to forget it wasn't that long ago palm actually worried apple. they were very early to smartphones and nabbed a number of very talented apple leaders. back to you. >> scott mcgrew, thank you very much. >> thank you. first came the fire and then the ice. >> that's right. this is what the weather caused. a chicago warehouse gutted by flames now just looks like an ice castle. it was so cold when firefighters were dousing the abandoned warehouse with water and it
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turned into ice instantly. this happened last night in chicago. a five-alarm fire ripping through the building. temperatures dipping to a below freezing 10 degrees. so the wind chill even colder out there in chicago. it looks like they poured snow over it. >> i have never seen anything like that before. >> bizarre, crazy. you were calling for rain and you called it. >> you look at scenes like that and we really don't have much to tell you about when it compares to places like chicago, jon kelley knows what i'm talking about. a few showers and everyone gets up in arms here. you saw on that live picture, san jose, mostly cloudy conditions. watch out for light to moderate precipitation moving down through san francisco on the way to san mateo here in another 15, 20 minutes. i want to show you what we are expecting as these showers stream on shore. it will be a rough evening commute. you're in san jose. not getting those showers just
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yet. i did want to track this one little cell for you. you see that yellow on its way to west menlo park, 47 minutes away from woodside. get ready for steady rain in that neck of the woods. this area of low pressure is a weak disturbance. it's fallen apart since it was on shore. anywhere from a quarter inch to half an inch. but i did want to point out that it's cool out there. you'll need your coat if you haven't stepped out your front door just yet. today we're back in the 50s at the coast. inland a few low 60s, but not much warmth for today with limited sunshine. 59 in los gatos. 3:00 p.m. getting some lingering activity over the greater bay area. these showers will be at their worst, then starting to deteriorate. a few lingering cells, not a lot. but enough to get slick for the morning drive. second half of thursday, nice and dry.
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then spotty activity for first part of friday. clearing you out, though, by saturday morning before our next system rolls on shore. so the storm window has opened. jet streams to our south. a few lingering showers will clear out. monday and tuesday looking good for now. >> thank you very much. that story out of notre dame keeps going on. the woman says she was tricked into sending her picture to a former high school classmate. >> 23-year-old diana o'meara said a former classmate said he wanted to use her photo in a slide show to cheer up a cousin who he said had been in a bad accident. here she is on the "today" show. she later learned that picture and others from her facebook page were used in a hoax as the face of the fake girlfriend of notre dame linebacker manti te'o. he said his girlfriend died of leukemia in september, but it turns out she just never existed. o'meara talked to "today's"
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savannah guthrie this morning. >> i have my own boyfriend of five years. to hear that you're the face of a separate relationship, i mean, it's hard. >> teo said he's the victim of an elaborate hoax and not involved in any way. coming out, 49ers fever reaches a new high. >> also a diver getting up close and personal with a dolphin. very cool here. why this meeting may have saved that dolphin's life. lucky charms?!
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♪ yer always after me lucky charms! whoa. i forgot how good these taste! [ lucky ] ♪ they're magically delicious now all general mills big g kid cereals have more whole grain than any other ingredient in cereals like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch, the delicious way to help them grow up strong. a little bit of a conspiracy theory coming out of the nfl. former 49er jerry rice fueling speculation that a super bowl lost by the raiders was actually a case of sabotage. during an interview on espn the hall of famer backed up claims
11:22 am
former raiders head coach bill callahan played to lose super bowl. xxxvii. callahan is currently the offensive coordinator for the dallas cowboys. he did release a statement responding to this saying in part any suggestion that i would undermine the integrity of the port that i love is flat out wrong. preparations for the real super bowl parties this year, the niners fans getting all inked up. >> the reason why i do it is because i've been a niners fan since '85. and i say who does it better than us? nobody! >> that kills me. vintage art tattoo in san jose has had a steady stream of business during the niners playoff run. parlors offering a half off deal. >> what a bargain! >> up until the super bowl. the parlor says it's ijed niners tight end delany walker.
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>> that's called feeling it for your team. >> we'll have more journalists on the ground in new orleans than any other mobile station. you better believe it. you can catch their work on air and our website it is updated around the clock. a special dedicated to those niners. analysis plus fan photos and interviews. we've got it all. >> total package. speaking of the gridiron, you're a fan, you see those yellow lines. >> those help me. >> one day fans at the game inside the stadium in seats might be able to see that. basically a laser would project from first down flag on both sides of the field so it would appear literally on the field. the laser company says the league is intrigued but so far not quite sold on the deal. i think as a player, it would be weird to see that thing beaming across. >> it can be distracting. >> a little bit. we'll see. >> back with a close encounter involving a dolphin.
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we end with a possible life saving encounter between man and dolphin. check this out. a group of divers in hawaii came nose-to-nose with a wild bottlenosed dolphin. that's when one of the divers noticed the animal's fin is tangled in a fishing line. the dolphin hangs around for a good seven to eight minutes waiting patiently giving the diver time to cut away the line. at one point surfaces to get air and comes down to let the diver finish the job. dolphins get wrapped in fishing line. it can create life threatening infections, so glad that that dolphin got t away. >> absolutely. >> join us tonight at 5, 6:00 and 11:00.
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liz, lutz and i are gonna walk around times square and pretend to be foreign. [bad swedish accent] i am from homburg, yah.
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wanna come? oh, i can't. my cousin is in town. all right. see ya though. mm-hmm. liz, i'm getting drinks with recently-divorced camera guy. you in? well, uh... legally separated sound guy's gonna be there. oh. i-i don't feel well. oh. okay. hey, liz lemon. i'm going to an animals-only strip club. interested? does that mean the animals strip, or the animals are the customers? animal customers? that's ridiculous. well, um, i have got a date. so...i...yeah. (man at restaurant) order, please. hi, order for pick-up. yeah, yeah. yes, i would like a meatball sub with extra bread. and my name is-- (man) liz? yeah, that's me. okay. big night, lemon? let me guess. meatball sub, extra bread. bottle of nyquil. tivo top chef. a little miss bonnie raitt. lights out.

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